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Retail Management Software That Delivers

Increase sales and enhance customer experiences with a single solution

Retail screens on desktop, tablet, ,and mobile.

Create Amazing Experiences

Provide your staff with a user-friendly system to manage the sales process and give them time to do what they do best – look after the customer

Minimize Errors

Optimize your processes and minimize the amount of interaction needed with your system to reduce the risk of potential data entry errors

Track your Inventory in Real-time

Our dispensary POS is linked to your entire operation, allowing your stores to have an accurate count of what is in stock at all times

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Cash & Safe Management

Keep your cash secure and mitigate the risk of internal and external theft

Loyalty, Promotions, and Discounts

Deliver customer loyalty programs to create new ambassadors for your brand

Loss & Fraud Prevention

Minimize loss caused by theft, error, or margin error to increase profitability

Self-Service Capabilities

Reduce wait times with customizable interfaces designed to improve overall experience

Automated Inventory

Set criteria for reorder points to accurately track costs and prevent product shortages

Centralized Store Management

Optimize your dispensaries and reduce overhead costs of shipping, labor, and spoilage

Item Recall Traceability

Quickly identify defective products and trace them back to their original source

Vendor Management

Effectively manage your vendors to control costs, track inventory, and drive service excellence

Complete Visibility

Gain insight into every aspect of your operaiton to improve performance and reduce errors

Extensive Reporting

Quickly generate, save, and share dashboards/reports containing your most important KPIs

Data-Driven Analytics

Analyze your data to support informed decision making

Multi-Location Management

Manage all of your locations effectively and scale with ease

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